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Indian company plans to print 3D-printed clock – Business Standard

Google is developing a prototype 3D printer that could allow its customers to print clock-based objects, the company announced on Monday.

The company plans a prototype of its printer that can print clock models and clocks, including those designed for the Indian market, for a price that could range from around $10,000 to $30,000, according to a blog post from CEO Sundar Pichai. 

“Our goal is to revolutionize how we design, print and package our products, and to give you the best experience possible,” the blog post said.

“The 3D printing technology will be integrated into our existing manufacturing processes, enabling us to make more affordable and durable products that are made to your specifications,” it said.

“Our goal isn’t just to make affordable, reliable products, but to enable a whole new generation of designers and artists to create in their own space, creating their own beautiful works of art.”

The company is developing the printer in partnership with a Singapore company that makes 3D printers for electronics makers, according the post.

It also announced it had secured a deal with an Indian manufacturer to manufacture the printer and software to make the machines, which could be sold in India, China, or the US.

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating Google’s business practices and said it would launch a probe when the case is over.

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