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3D printer, phrozen 3D printed armor and 3D printing brim, the world’s most expensive

VANDALIER BRAND, 30, was recently arrested by police after he allegedly sold $2,000 worth of items on eBay without any paperwork.

Brands on a number of occasions listed items on their websites for sale without a licence, but were not registered to sell them.

The Melbourne man was arrested and charged with multiple offences under the Theft of Computers Act.

He appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday and appeared via videolink, and was remanded in custody until January 25.

3D printer and phrozen material are considered by police to be illegal goods and can be seized and confiscated if it is suspected they may be used to commit an offence.

Brands have been hit hard by the rise in the number of people needing help due to an overdose.

More than 1,500 Australians have overdosed on drugs this year, according to the Department of Health, and more than half have been taken to hospital.