How to make 3D Printing Your Own Miniatures

3d printed figures are all the rage right now.

Whether it’s the Lego sets, the Harry Potter sets, or even the Disney movie Minions, people are making them for a living.

3D printing has a long history in the hobby, and is now being used to make everything from miniature figurines to figurines of celebrities, with the most popular of the three being LEGO.

But 3D printed minis are a different animal entirely.

The miniatures are all printed from plastic, and are therefore not exactly the same as the real thing.

While the LEGO sets are typically about a foot long, the miniature is often less than a foot wide.

This makes it easier to cut out the minis and make them for your own personal use, but the quality of the plastic makes it hard to get the right finish for each minis, and it also makes it more difficult to print out a perfect model.

So if you want to print your own miniatures for your collection, this article will walk you through the process of getting your own 3D-printed minis.

The process of printing your own LEGO minis can be a bit intimidating at first, as there are many different pieces of kit that need to be printed.

Here are the steps to get your own Lego minis printed.1.

Get a plastic mold2.

Cut the plastic pieces3.

Make the moulds to the desired length and diameter of your minis4.

Attach the mould to the 3D printer5.

Print the miniatures using the 3d printer6.

Upload your models to the LEGO store7.

Upload the models to your Lego library8.

Upload to Pinterest and Instagram