When you need a small 3D printer for small things, this one is for you

Smaller than a shoebox?

Then this is the 3D Printer for you.

The printer is a 1,000-micron-thick plastic extruder, capable of printing objects up to 1mm in size and can produce up to 500 grams (about 1.5 pounds).

The device was made by MIT professor David Dao and his team and is currently being developed by the Chinese company DigiToys.

The new 3D-printed printer, which was unveiled at the World Maker Faire in Las Vegas, was built with the aid of MIT’s Kaggle competition.

The design is called the Digi-Xyder, and it has an open platform for developers.

The 3D printed object can be used as a “printed part” in 3D printing projects, and you can then “print out” the part with the machine.

In addition to the “printed” parts, you can “print” other 3D objects as well, like objects made from plastic, metal, and other materials.

This means you can make anything from a 3D model of a dog to a 3-D model for your pet.

It’s a bit more than a hobbyist 3D print, however.

The DigiXyger 3D printers are being developed to print parts for industrial robots, medical implants, medical instruments, and more.

The company is also using the technology for manufacturing medical equipment, for example, for the U.S. Army’s Joint Special Operations Command.

There’s a lot to love about the Digitax 3D Printers, but one of the coolest features is that you can print “smart” parts for your own designs, and not just a model.

This could be anything you want, including things like a custom tattoo, an origami sculpture, a 3d-printed house, and even an actual home.

The device can also print objects from your own 3D files, so you can build anything from houseplans to custom homes.

The printable parts can also be customized for the print-to-measurement method, so a 3x3x3 printer can produce 3 different parts, for instance.

If you want to customize a particular part, you just plug in a model file from the manufacturer, and the part will print itself.

You can also use a “smart printer” to print something that looks and feels like your model, too.

“Smart printers are very different than the traditional 3D scanners used for industrial designs,” DigiToy’s president and CEO, Paul Giannini, said in a press release.

“The new DigiYder 3D Printing Platform allows you to print objects that look and feel like your 3D models.”

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